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Audio files

Courtesy JP Spurlock 

We are slowly starting to build these wonderful audio files.  Selection of each of the links below will initiate the download of a zipped file.  Within this file, once you unzip it, you will find a folder containing multiple .mp3 files.  Each .mp3 file represents one question, pause, then answer (think "learning foreign language" tapes).  These are wonderful for a commute or while exercising!

You can leave them as .mp3 and copy them onto your .mp3 player.  If you would prefer to turn them into an audio CD for use in a CD player, this can be done, too.  Most CD making software asks you if you are making a data or an audio CD.  Tell it you are making an audio CD, then add the .mp3 files.  Most of the current software (Roxio, AheadNero, etc) will automatically convert the .mp3 to the .wav file necessary for an audio CD.  I can try to help with technical support if you have questions.

If you have files you would like to share, please send them to me and I would be happy to add them.

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