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Mock Exams 2017

This web page is in process of being updated.  Check back frequently as dates will be posted.

2017 Mock Lab Animal Boards Examination Coalition

Seven sites have joined together to write and offer a single mock examination at multiple sites over the next 6 months. The same 2017 mock exam will be given at each participating site and will be posted at this web page after the final site has completed their meeting. The intent of the participating members is that by offering the same exam in multiple geographic centers, people will be able to minimize their travel during participation. Each site may also have additional resources available for participants.   Contact the representatives below for additional information:

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that the 2017 mock exam being offered will accurately reflect the actual 2017 ACLAM certifying exam in terms of content or format.  The mock exam is meant to be a learning experience and a resource in preparing for ACLAM certifying exams.


Region Exam Location Other Activities Exam Dates Coordinator(s)
Canada University of Guelph   3/3/2017 Pat Turner
Guelph, Canada pvturner@uoguelph.ca
Midwest (WI) Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, Madison, WI   3/18/2017 Andres Mejia
Midwest (MN) Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota   3/25/2017 Jodi Scholz
Rochester, MN Scholz.jodi@mayo.edu
Northeast (NY) Tri-Institutional Training Program   3/31/2017 Nick Tataryn
New York, NY tatarynn@mkscc.org
Midwest (MI) University of Michigan Seminar 4/14/2017 Dan Myers, ddmyers@umich.edu
Ann Arbor, MI 4/13/2017 Patrick Lester, plester@umich.edu
Caribbean / Latin America Caribbean Primate Research Center   4/19/2017 Marilyn Arce
University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR marcevet08@gmail.com
West Coast (Southern CA) City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute, Duarte, CA   4/22/2017 Trinka Adamson
West Coast (Northern CA) UC Davis   5/6/2017 Laurie Brignolo, llbrignolo@ucdavis.edu
Davis, CA Greg Simonek, gdsimonek@ucdavis.edu
  Stephen Felt, felt@stanford.edu
Pacific Northwest Oregon National Primate Research Center, Beaverton, OR   5/7/2017 Thea Brabb, thea@u.washington.edu
Jeff Stanton, stantoje@ohsu.edu
Midwest (IN) Indiana University   5/8/2017 Deb Hickman
Indianapolis, IN Mousedoc98@yahoo.com
Mid-Atlantic (MD) Fort Detrick   5/9/2017 Sarah Bro
Fort Detrick, MD sarah.l.bro.mil@mail.mil
Southeast (NC) NCSU Veterinary School   5/20/2017 Kvin Lertpiriyapong (3/1 remove),
  Dorcas O’Rourke, OROURKED@ecu.edu
  David Kurtz, David.Kurtz@nih.gov
Midwest (CO) Colorado State University   6/2/2017 Jennifer Kopanke
Fort Collins, CO Jennifer.Kopanke@colostate.edu
Asia Singapore   6/17/2017 Bryan Ogden

July 16, 2017:  Exam Date in Bethesda, MD