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The following information was sent to ACLAM Diplomates on Sunday, September 16, 2007:

"I would like to invite you to review the document titled “Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Changes in the ACLAM’s Certification Examination”.  This document has been complied by committees and individuals that have been involved in the evolution of the ACLAM examination.  It sets forth the historical and factual background of the certifying examination and the recent performance of the examination.  There have been many questions circulating regarding the examination as well as speculation regarding the process.  It is our hope that this document will lay the necessary framework for discussions at the National AALAS Meeting.  To that end, it may be helpful to bring a copy of these frequently asked questions with you to that meeting.

"As outlined in the recent Newsletter, we will be holding an “ACLAM Town Hall Meeting” at the National AALAS Meeting in Charlotte , North Carolina on Sunday, October 14, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom D of the Westin Hotel to discuss the certification examination process.  After reading this document, if any Diplomate has questions not addressed by it, please send them to the Executive Director, Mel Balk, so that they can be forwarded to the appropriate individuals and incorporated in the presentations at the Town Hall Meeting.  I look forward to seeing you at the National AALAS meeting."

Best regards,


Bill White"




The LABSG Executive Summary is currently being revised in light of the release of the information in the above FAQ.  If you would like to view comments, you can view the raw data from the Zoomerang files, provided below.

2007 ACLAM Exam Zoomerang Summary

2007 ACLAM Exam Zoomerang Summary - second round

2006 ACLAM Exam Zoomerang Summary

2006 ACLAM Exam Zoomerang Summary - second round