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The Laboratory Animal Study Group (LABSG) is a LISTERV journal group that is owned by Angela King-Herbert and moderated by Stephanie Murphy. The members include veterinary students, laboratory animal residents and post-doc students, and "ACLAM-boarded" laboratory animal veterinarians. These individuals are assigned journal articles from current laboratory animal journals. They create summaries and sample questions and answers that are posted to the list. The information on this website would not be available if it was not for the hard work of all of the members.

If you are not a member and would like to download some of these files, please feel free. However, we do ask that you consider joining the group and contributing to future summaries. Even if you are not preparing for boards, it is a good way to stay current on the literature! And, if you are preparing for boards, remember that there are cosmic forces out there that may not take kindly to taking advantage of the hard work of others. Don't let bad karma affect your test!!!

This web page also has quizzes, slide sets, and audio files that can help with your learning. You can access these by using the "Resources" button. 

But, one serious note. What you will not find on this web page and LISTSERV are actual exam questions from the ACLAM, ECLAM or other laboratory animal science and medicine certifying examinations. LABSG supports the examination security of all of the certifying organizations. To that end, we do not allow the posting of actual examination information via the listserv or the web site. Individuals who post actual certifying examination information will be referred to certifying organization for investigation.